The Graceleaf Story

The Inspiration

Graceleaf CBD was founded on the principles of natural health and wellness.  Kevin and Rani Quirk became interested in CBD when they saw how it was positively impacting the lives of their close friends and family. Rani’s own elderly mother used CBD throughout the day and saw an increased quality of life. Their college-aged kids enjoyed using CBD tinctures and gummies to provide a sense of balance and calm during their busy and hectic campus lives.  And a close friend, who was a recent military veteran, shared how integral CBD had become for him in his daily life. 

Graceleaf Means Pure + Tested + Trusted

As they began to understand CBD’s unique characteristics, they also, unfortunately, learned that a lot of CBD brands out there were inconsistent and were of questionable quality.  

They decided to take their entrepreneurial spirit, business acumen, and passion for natural wellness and pour it into creating honest, safe, and effective CBD products. Hence, Graceleaf was born in Roswell, GA. 

All Graceleaf CBD products are made from phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp, which is not true for many other brands. Kevin and Rani wanted to ensure that the Graceleaf brand is of the highest quality, so they decided to use PCR hemp, not industrial hemp, to create their premium CBD brand. They partner with only the best sources of American-grown hemp, farmers who employ the strictest of standards and protocols to ensure every Graceleaf CBD product delivers on the promise: Pure + Tested + Trusted.  Every product is thoughtfully created, tested extensively, and reviewed by a team of experts. No Graceleaf product hits the shelves without this close attention to detail. 

Graceleaf Gives Back

The Graceleaf team is also passionate about supporting the community and spreading the word about the positive benefits of CBD. Donating to worthy causes is near and dear to their hearts, especially in support of active and veteran military members and their families. One such organization is the Shadow Warriors Foundation, whose mission is to support disenfranchised veterans, helping them to deal with challenges of daily living, PTSD and other health issues, and education/employment so they can live their best lives. 

Pure, Tested, Trusted—Graceleaf CBD products deliver results you can trust.