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CBD Store and More’s Brand: Let’s talk Graceleaf!
If you haven’t heard about Graceleaf CBD, it’s time to give you the full scoop on our in-house brand. Founded on the principles of natural health and wellness, Graceleaf CBD was created to help those who suffer from chronic pain or anxiety or have trouble sleeping, while building strong relationships with everyone who shares our passion for CBD. Built on a pure + tested + trusted process, we have a variety of Graceleaf CBD products that are safe and effective. We are very proud of the quality and value our original CBD line has to offer.
Not sure what it means to be “premium grade?” Read on for a quick rundown on our extensive line.
First things first:
Graceleaf CBD was founded after seeing the positive effects CBD had in the lives of loved ones. This led us to not only seek a way to share these benefits but to ensure the quality of each product is best for the body.
In the wellness industry, knowing what sets good products apart can make or break your health routine. The Graceleaf CBD line is created using phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp and provides a consistent chemical combination rather than lesser ingredients that make the composition questionable.
We wanted to ensure that the Graceleaf CBD brand is of the highest quality, so we decided to use PCR hemp, not industrial hemp in our products. We partner with only the best sources of American-grown hemp farmers who employ the strictest of standards and protocols to ensure every Graceleaf CBD product delivers on the promise: Pure + Tested + Trusted. Every product is thoughtfully created, tested extensively, and reviewed by a team of experts.
Pure + Tested + Trusted
We take pride in having an extensive line to offer a product to fit any need you may have. Our mission is to not only provide quality products but educate and encourage the individuals in our community to use care and intention with CBD. Graceleaf CBD offers several tinctures in varying flavors to accommodate under-the-tongue intake. We also offer several topicals to locate specific needs. Here are a few fan-favorite Graceleaf CBD products and how they can add a dose of ease to your life:
4 Ways to Use Graceleaf CBD:

1. Graceleaf Salve:
• Type of CBD: Topical
• Best For: Treating joint and muscle pain
• How to Use: Apply to areas of pain or discomfort for quick relief

2. Graceleaf CBD Oil:
• Type of CBD: Tincture
• Best For: Relieving pain and reducing anxiety
• How to Use: Use as a mixer or take directly

3. Graceleaf Pet CBD:
• Types of CBD: tinctures and dog chews
• Best For: Managing anxiety, easing joint pain and for appetite
• How to Use: Mix in with food or use as a treat

4. Graceleaf Nano CBD SoftGels:
• Type of CBD: Gel cap
• Best For: Therapeutic relief for inflammation and to aid in sleep
• How to Use: Take as desired, day or night for the serving size that’s right for you.

The Best CBD Monthly Subscription
With our premium CBD brand, each product is thoughtfully created and reviewed by a team of experts. We are excited to give our community the opportunity to explore our in-house products through our Graceleaf CBD subscription program. You can customize your subscription and have the option to try new Graceleaf CBD products every month. We offer subscribers the best deals on those! If you are looking for new ways to improve your health and wellness regime, get a head start with our customizable monthly program that will save you 15% off your Graceleaf CBD purchases.